Palm Cove of Bradenton Condo Takeover

PALM COVE CONDOMINIUM OWNERS BEWARE !!. It is URGENT that you learn there are secret deals being brokered behind our backs making us homeless and losing THOUSANDS!

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The Calls continue....

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1 The Calls continue.... on Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:28 pm


To all registered users and any other owners who are just viewing the forum please understand that if we unite and deny the ridiculous offers from the Riley family's bullying attorney we can stop this takeover for at least 18 months!! Think about that as you sit back and think that nothing is happening while they are busy making phone calls trying their best to gain 90% ownership that will then shift the power to the Riley's to dissolve the condo association and take our properties.

PLEASE think about this before you agree to anything! Each time an owner agrees to sell they get closer and closer to their goal of taking our properties BUT as a group we can stop it.

Thanks for reading, it's time to react because waiting will not make it go away!

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