Palm Cove of Bradenton Condo Takeover

PALM COVE CONDOMINIUM OWNERS BEWARE !!. It is URGENT that you learn there are secret deals being brokered behind our backs making us homeless and losing THOUSANDS!

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1 Please READ on Sat May 21, 2016 11:53 am


Welcome owners at Palm Cove of Bradenton Condominiums and Apartments.

  We purchased our home in 2007 and planned to retire here. But it appears that dream will not happen because of the Riley Family Trust purchased our complex and has plans to convert our homes back to apartments and they are allowed to do this with the HB643 Law (Florida Condominium Act) It has come to our attention that the recent acquisition (Jan. 2016) of the property by the Riley Family from Mendota Heights,MN. has brought an unsavory business plan that ONLY benefits them.

  They are in the process of brokering back room deals to purchase condos in order to reach a majority so that they can dissolve the association and literally take our homes paying us tens of thousands of dollars less than their value. Our homes can't be replaced in the current housing market. If you look on you will find to replace our homes with wooded areas, ponds, tennis court, 2 swimming pools, gated community it will cost you between $100,000-$200,000 to replace. Please do not give up to this corporate take over.

  We are in contact with our State Representatives, news media and several Attorneys.  We feel very strongly about protecting our ownership.

  The obvious facts are that had this have been a meeting held by the Riley Family with all owners stating their intentions it would have been more honorable and respectful of all of us, but instead we have been informed by owners that they are being contacted by an attorney who makes an offer and strongly suggests that they accept the offer now because it will only get lower. This is an insult to anyone who like us enjoys their home and have no intention of selling!

 We need to unite and act FAST! These deals are happening as I type this post! Please don't be pressured, intimidated or bullied into signing anything. We have RIGHTS and a VOICE! There is strength with numbers and as a group we can STOP this from happening.

We are not millionaires, we are only hard working people that had a American Dream to buy a piece of paradise in Florida.  How much money is enough? These investors have one goal and one goal only MAKE MONEY! So how are they able to kick us out of our homes?  

 On a personal mother has passed away many years ago but I know she would be ashamed of me if I manipulated the system (supposedly put in place to protect us) using loopholes to acquire owners homes at fire sale prices. If you don't believe that just look at your past 3 years of tax evaluation and you will clearly see that real estate values are on the rise...this is no coincidence.

Thank you for reading.

Our email address is: ""

We have also started a forum that you can go online and register to use where we can communicate:

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2 Re: Please READ on Sat May 21, 2016 7:04 pm

Keep me posted ive only heard what i see on line no contact here

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